Send Push Notifications

Through desktop & mobile browsers

Re-engage your visitors and drive them back to your website whenever they’re looking at other sites; visitors subscribe with just one click - no need to enter an email. With Web Push integration, your website visitors will be prompted to subscribe to your site in just 1-click whether they are on desktop or mobile; no lengthy forms to fill or no mobile apps required.

A revolutionary new way to engage with your customers & prospects!

Supported Browsers

Web Push works with all major browsers (desktop & mobile) spread across a variety of devices and platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions for Web Push Notification Application

  • How push notifications can help my website?
    Push notifications are a perfect way to communicate with your audience in a non-intrusive manner. Push notifications will help you keep subscribers up-to-date with latest news, posts, announcements, and discount coupons/offers etc. only after they opt in willingly.
  • How can I find subscribers for push notifications?
    You don't need to scout for additional subscribers. Push notifications help to return users who have once visited your website back to you. In a pop-up request form, website visitors opt-in for your brand to send messages. Hence, Push Notification Tool will start collecting subscribers for you by itself.
  • How can I send push notifications?
    Sending push notifications is extremely easy — provide a relevant message/offer/update, add a button with a CTA, an eye-catching image — and you are ready to go.
  • Can PushAlert be implemented if I use my own HTTPS domain/subdomain on my non-https website for sending notification?
    Yes, we can help you implement PushAlert Notifications with your own HTTPS domain/subdomain.
  • What server required for faster notification delivery?
    It depends on your Server & Subscribers list. Our system will work with Shared, VPS & Dedicated Server. You need to hire your server accordingto your needs.
  • I still have a few more questions?
    Please search for your query in our Knowledge Base. If you don't find an answer, you can send us your query through the Contact Us page, or email to us at [email protected].